Standing Wave Solutions in Twisted Multicore Fibers


There has been much recent theoretical and experimental interest in light dynamics in twisted multi-core optical fibers. I consider the existence and spectral stability of standing wave solutions to a model for light propagation with no gain or loss of energy. I prove that for a specific relationship between the number of waveguides and the twist parameter, there are standing wave solutions which exhibit optical Aharonov-Bohm suppression, in which a single waveguide in the fiber remains unexcited. I also explore spectral stability of these solutions, as well as an extension of the model which incorporates a second order dispersion term.

Nov 5, 2021
4th Annual Meeting of the SIAM Texas Louisiana Section
South Padre Island, TX
Ross Parker
Ross Parker
RTG postdoctoral fellow / visiting assistant professor

I am a postdoctoral fellow and visiting assistant professor in the department of mathematics at Southern Methodist University.